Vampire Facial®

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Who is a great candidate for a Vampire Facial®? 
Anyone with skin. LOL! But really, it is for young and old alike. The key is to use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  It is the portion of the blood that naturally stimulates the healing cascade.  It contains at least 15 healing factors called growth factors. These growth factors stimulate the healing process. Using your bodies own healing powers in PRP, the Vampire Facial stimulates new skin, new blood vessels (for color and glow), and new collagen (for skin support). It helps to reduce acne scars, reduce pore size, reduce wrinkles and increase smoothness. You look healthier!

Imagine you have skinned your knee. Think about what happens next. Without even thinking about it, a clot forms making a scab. How did this happen? Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)!  PRP directs the cells to form the scab and then heal.

Within a week, you glance at your knee and it is healed. New skin is covering the knee. The scab is gone and you all but forgot you even hurt yourself. This is the miracle of PRP.

PRP contains at least 15 growth factors that activate and direct the healing cascade. The growth factors are the conductors of healing attracting stem cells to the injured area and directing them what cell to morph into. A phenomenal event that we take for granted.

We are using this natural phenomenon to concentrate those miraculous healing factors into the face. These healing factors, almost like magic, Restore, Rejuvenate and Refresh the face.

Watch a Vampire Facial Click Here

4 Steps of the Vampire Facial
Step 1: Isolating the magic from your own blood.
We draw your blood from your arm (just like getting a blood test done) and place the test tube in the centrifuge to separate the PRP from the red blood cells.

Step 2: Micro-needling 
We use an extremely sharp medical grade micro-needling pen called The SkinPen to make tiny pin pricks in the skin to cause microtrauma and then treat the face with your own PRP. (really you can’t buy a micro-needling pen on Amazon). The pen is medical grade, sorry, no DIY here.

The micro-needling creates micro-trauma which stimulates the body to activate the natural healing cascade. Now, we add your own healing factors and the magic begins. PRP (platelet rich plasma) is the body’s natural collection of healing factors. They were there when you skinned your knee, and they are here now when you want to reduce wrinkles on your face or increase smoothness of your skin.

This is a brilliant way to use the body’s natural healing processes in our favor.
So many have said “I am just going to grow old gracefully.” Does that mean I just deteriorate naturally? Because if you do nothing offensive, you are hooped. You are old before you know it. I won’t mind being 85 if I look and feel 55. If I have to be here, I want to feel good. No, I want to FEEL GREAT and LOOK GREAT!

Step 3: PRP Treatment
We inject the growth factors into specific areas of the face to get maximum healing. Not all PRP treatments are the same. Some practitioners are not licensed to inject PRP and they only paint the face with your healing factors. The most impact happens when the healing factors (PRP) is injected into the face.

PRP will tighten the skin, increase the glow of the skin, scarring softens, reduce pore size, improve texture and create new younger skin. It gives a beautiful natural result .

Step 4: After Care
Proper Skincare with Cosmedix®
We do not really care what you wash your face with, but we do care what  you put on your skin after you clean your face. It is super important how you hydrate your skin, as well as, stimulating the deep layers of the dermis to turnover and make new cells.

We love Cosmedix® products and will work with you to find the right combination to enhance what the PRP has begun.